Checklist for Back to School: Are you ready??

Backpack Chat with Nancy

Checklist for Back to School—Are you ready??

We all have our lists from the school regarding supplies they will need for tuition and from our kids for their clothing and technical needs. I came across a great website with a whole list of items to remember for our children returning in one week to school. Great things here I did not even think of.

Through Stephen’s Backpacks we have seen so many children who are amazing and whose families have just fallen on hard times. It can happen to any one of us. We have chatted to folks who have shared that their child was not invited to one birthday party all year. They have shared many stories over the last 6 years.

This leads me to the one thing I would like to put on the back to school checklist that I have not seen anywhere. As parents we need to educate our children to remember there will be children new to their school, children who painfully shy, children with special needs, children who might have suffered loss, children who might seem different. We live a world filled with different; but one thing is the same. We all have people we like; we all have groups of friends and we all want to fit in, be accepted and be liked. Maybe we can challenge our children to reach out this year beyond their group and comfort zone and make a new friend; invite someone new to their home to hang out and just really make an amazing start to some child’s school year. Have fun going back to school kids, parents drive slower and let’s just be kind to one another. We all share this planet together—the key being together in harmony and unity! Bless all of you dedicated teachers, office staff , Principals and trustees . You are all heroes in our community-thank you for what you do!