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Stephen’s Backpacks “A-Team” has produced an exquisite collection of Gourmet Cutting Boards and Charcuterie Boards as well as exotic wooden coasters.

These artistic and unique boards give elegance to everything you serve. Our boards are made with the highest quality of exotic wood including Etimoe, Yellow and Purple Heart, Wenge, Maple, Cherry, Peruvian Walnut, Bubinga, Curupay Negra, African Rosewood, Zebrawood, Padauk, Sapele, White Wenge, Canarywood and Ambrosia Maple.

Each board is sanded to perfection and beautifully finished and preserved with mineral oil and organic beeswax. We have a variety of styles of board ranging from our gourmet side grain “Hope on the Edge” and our face grain “Stephen’s Face of Change” and our end grain “Ending Homelessness”. Each board is unique and will be a topic of conversation for any dinner.


Choose from the following selection

Every board sold gives a backpack filled with school supplies to a child in need. All proceeds go to Stephen’s Backpacks.

  • Charity Cheese Pleaser Charcouterie Boards

    Charity Cheese Pleaser

    Charity Cheese Pleaser Cedar Charcouterie Boards

    These beautifully curved cedar charcouterie boards come in two sizes. Perfect for serving wine and cheese when friends drop by. Available in Natural or with a colored Epoxy coating.


  • Dream Out Loud Three Dimensional Gourmet Cutting Boards

    Dream Out Loud

    Three Dimensional Gourmet Cutting Boards

    Made from cheery, walnut and maple this exquisite board is carefully crafted with every attention to detail to create a show piece to enhance any kitchen. Every board takes 20 hours of master carpentry to complete.



  • Ending Homelessness Gourmet Boards

    Ending Homelessness

    Ending Homelessness Gourmet Boards

    These unique boards are made from a blend of woods using end-grain pieces from our selection of exotic woods. Extremely durable with no juice grooves, to equip any chef’s kitchen. Made with food safe glue and finished with organic mineral oil and beeswax.



  • Hope on The Edge Gourmet Cutting Boards

    Hope On The Edge

    Hope On The Edge Gourmet Cutting Boards

    Professionally crafted, these show stoppers will enhance any kitchen. They are 1 ½ inches thick with juice grooves, and created with edge grain design. Every board is different and made from our inventory of exotic wood.


  • Making a Difference Coast to Coast

    Making a Difference Coast to Coast

    Making a Difference Coaster Sets

    These finely crafted coasters made from exotic wood come in sets of four or six.
    A great gift that also gives to children in need.


  • Stephen’s Face of Change Gourmet Cutting Boards

    Stephen’s Face of Change

    Stephen’s Face of Change Gourmet Cutting Boards

    These ½ inch flat boards are made on the face grain. The have a flat surface with no juice grooves. These gourmet boards come in all sorts of different designs using our exotic woods.



We will contact you to arrange for curbside pickup/delivery.
Orders outside of the Calgary region will be shipped via Canada Post; additional charges will apply.
If you have any questions or would like to place a custom order, please contact Nancy McPhee at

Every board sold will give a child in need a backpack filled with school supplies.

Give a special Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding, New Home, or Easter gift, with a personalized engraved message with calligraphy or font of your choice. A card will be attached to the gift explaining that this beautiful gift has also reached out to a child in need.

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