Thank you for making a priceless difference in a child’s life!

Perhaps you have decided that you want to help children and families facing homelessness and poverty. We want you to know that we are right there with you and nothing is closer to our hearts at the Stephen’s Backpack Society than that very dream. To date, your donations through Stephen’s Backpacks Society has helped to deliver hope in the form of a backpack gift, a pair of running shoes or a furnished home, to over 16,000 children.

At Stephen’s Backpacks we have a long list of recipient groups that have children in need. Individuals, children and families have come to these various shelters by a number of means and under different circumstances but all of them are in need of shelter, help and hope. These wonderful agencies provide the necessities of life, families are lifted up, placed in a home, and taught about how to survive and even how to thrive in their new circumstances.

Imagine having a new apartment and having just enough support to almost provide the basics and rent… and that’s all. No extra money to buy beds, no extra money to buy a birthday or Christmas gift… or running shoes for school for that matter.

When you look into the eyes of children, right here in Calgary, that are homeless through no fault of their own, you can’t look away. These children are scared, in shock and are looking to their parents for security, for normal, and little is coming… because nothing is “normal” about their situation… nor should it be, not here, not now.

This is the place where we meet children and families. Stephen’s Backpacks uses your donations and your involvement to Deliver Hope and Change Hearts.



A Message from Alberta’s Community Spirit Program:

Alberta has one of the highest charitable tax credits in Canada. When an individual Albertan files their personal income tax, they total up all their charitable donations during a calendar year. They may be eligible to receive a combined 50% non-refundable tax credit on the total of donations made above the $200 threshold. Donations below the $200 threshold continue to receive a combined tax credit of 25%.

Visit the following link to see just how much of a tax credit you can generate when you give money to registered charities in Alberta like Stephen’s Backpacks: Make the Most Out of your Charitable Tax Credit