The A Team: Using Tools To Provide Tools For Kids

We are proud to introduce a new line of exquisite, custom crafted Cutting Boards and BBQ Platters.

Stephen’s Backpacks A Team has created these exquisite custom boards made with the highest quality of hardwoods. Every board has been uniquely designed with Stephen’s incredible attention to detail and finished with organic mineral oil and polished with beeswax. This rare gift will give a child in need a backpack filled with school supplies.

Stephen’s Journey

Stephen developed his interest in carpentry in Grade 10 where he was given an opportunity to build a home through Building Futures. As his charity grew over the years, Stephen wanted to give other children with autism an opportunity to experience what he had experienced, an opportunity to learn skills.

Stephen’s goal was to make something very creative and unique to every board and that all profits from these cutting boards would go to helping children in need through Stephen’s Backpacks. Every child who has special needs is unique and offer their special gifts in many different ways.

As the pandemic hit it was impossible to mentor other children, but that did not stop Stephen. His first goal was to create custom, exquisite cutting boards and platters. And so, we turned our double garage into a carpentry workshop for Stephen’s dream to unfold.

Andy and Stephen got to work, researching each process needed to create these beautiful pieces of work. The quality and precision of tools had to be purchased to ensure the perfection of the finished product. The quality of wood had to be the best and we were assisted by a great resource at Windsor Plywood in Airdrie.

The process began with hours of planing fresh pieces of wood. The next step was cutting the planed pieces with precision into 1 ½ inch by 17 inch blocks.

The blocks needed to be sanded again to ensure perfect lineup for gluing.

Once they sat overnight, the boards were sanded and planed to create a fine smooth surface.

Adding juice groves and rounding the boards brought them to an almost finished product. The last and most important step was the mineral oil and waxing of the beautifully finished boards. Andy mentored and ensured safety and that every step was finished with the finest detail. Hours and weeks of focus completed the first 40 boards and platters.

Every board or platter sold will bring a backpack filled with school supplies for children in need returning to school this fall.

Thank you to Windsor Plywood and the Home Depot Foundation.