Celebrating and Giving Thanks for Airdrie’s Youth

Backpack chat with Nancy

Thanksgiving weekend is coming to an end. I prayed for many children this weekend; many without homes, without their own beds; without hope. I felt that there is a huge task ahead of all of us sharing this planet. We need to get involved and help in whatever ways we can.  I believe that we can overcome this huge predicament facing many of our children.

This Christmas; George McDougal leadership team partners with Stephen’s Backpacks Project Hope and is stepping up to the plate to help a family in need again this Christmas by completely furnishing a home which will include new furniture for all rooms, food, clothes, backpacks, a Christmas tree, stockings and all the gifts for the children. Ecole Airdrie Middle School is participating in our Christmas Backpack program. Preschool toddlers at Time to Play are helping for the 6th year in a row making backpacks to help children in need. Living in such a giving community, celebrating and giving thanks for Airdrie’s youth, our future; taking action today!