Arbonne Touches Hearts and Partners with Stephen

Teens face several pressures today in their school years. How important it is for teens to be able to take care of their skin; especially if they suffer from Acne concerns. I have two teenagers and I don’t even think about purchasing quality products for them to care for their skin.

There are hundreds of teens who face huge challenges every day including being homeless. Skin care products would be a luxury for these kids. This year we are making over 500 teen Christmas backpack gifts. We are delighted that Arbonne has joined us to make our teen backpack gifts even more special with their donations of high quality natural face care products.  Special thanks to Kerry for coordinating this with her consultants.

Contact your Arbonne representative today to donate a special baby hygiene pack, hygiene pack or teen facial care pack to Stephen’s Christmas backpacks. Thanks Arbonne for touching the hearts of many young people this Christmas.

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Contact Kerry Gess at 403-397-3129 to place your donation!