Four Seasons of Hope

It is hard to believe that we are starting our thirteenth year and what a journey it has been. We reflect on our accomplishments of 64000 children receiving Christmas backpacks, 150 teachers’ kits helping 1500 school children have the tools they need to learn, as well as 9000 back to school backpacks. Stephens Backpacks also supported 32 families moving into completely furnished homes through our Project Hope and 17,000 children receiving new running shoes to start school through our footprints program.

Stephens Backpacks is proud to introduce our Four Seasons of Hope for 2020. Each season a family in need will receive the gift of a completely furnished home including furniture, complete kitchen setup. appliances, food, TV, clothes and of course backpacks for the children! Costs will depend on the size of the family receiving the new home. (15,000-20,000)

We will work closely with other services to ensure that the families in most distress are recipients first!

We believe that empowering families with a safe, warm furnished home will give that family more confidence to seek and achieve employment which will enable them to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for their children. The children can enjoy their years of learning, dreaming and just being children enjoying life and having fun instead of worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Every child deserves to have their own bed to sleep in and to have a secure place to call home!