Stephen’s Backpacks Homeless In Airdrie

Dream out Loud Mom!!!

Stephen’s backpacks would like to thank Investra for their incredible support this past three years. They have generously donated two warehouses making it possible for our son’s passion to help over 21,000 children across Alberta, provide newly furnished homes to 25 families and provide thousands of new indoor and outdoor running shoes for children to start school.

We have moved all of the items to our garage in Airdrie and are very excited to move to the next chapter of Stephen’s Backpacks. We have assisted more families through our Project Hope with the remaining furniture. Our Stephen, who is 11 yearsof age now in his wonderful innocense believes that this just means that we make 3000 backpacks from our home again this year, so Airdrie volunteers can still help. Stephen’s Backpacks is committed to making as many Christmas backpacks as we can to help children to continue on with Stephen’s dream to end family homelessness. We will have our July 1st Superstore Barbeque to support Footprints and will provide  many new shoes for children to go back to school this fall.

We are very grateful for all of those hundreds of volunteers and corporations who have come alongside us to keep Stephen’s dream alive. Stephen believes that God has a new plan and that is all we need to know! Stephen has never lost one ounce of his passion this past six years and as he reminded me once again this week…”Just Dream out Loud Mom!”