Stephen “Dreams Out Loud”

Read the increadible story that has changed hearts and brought Hope to over 31,000 children.  A story with humble beginings about one little boy who “Dreams Out Loud” and becomes a voice for homeless children.  While the circumstances are difficult and often sad …this is really a story about, belief, courage, optimisim, faith and determination.  You Help Children when you  BUY THE BOOKS.

If you ask Stephen McPhee a question about child homelessness and poverty you will need to be ready for the answers. His straight forward no nonsense statements will make you take notice…and then you can’t look away.  That’s what happened to Jim and Nancy McPhee in December of 2006. When Stephen found out that there were homeless children in Calgary, he simply stated “Mommy I need to help them”.

From the first 15 “packbacks full of stuff” as Stephen called them, delivered to Inn From the Cold on Christmas Eve, to the next 265 delivered the following year, to the more than a thousand being delivered annually, that is how the story has gone. When the adults in the room thought that it was too much to do, Stephen was quick to remind them that all they had to do was… “Dream out loud”.

  In August of 2008 Nancy McPhee published her first book chronicling Stephen’s journey with autism.  Her premier book is an amazing story of courage, faith and determination to succeed. Published by Blitzprint in Calgary the first printing sold over 2000 copies through Canada Safeway Stores right across Alberta.  All net proceeds from the book went towards helping two families off of the street by setting them up with new furniture, dishes, bedding, bathroom and a totally equipped kitchen, clothes, presents and even a Christmas tree.Because of the success of her first book and requests from school teachers and parents, Nancy is currently putting the finishing touches on a children’s illustrated chapter book with all of the net proceeds going towards Project Hope. This wonderful and uplifting story is set in the town of Albertroz and is all about…well… you will just have to read “On Eagle Wings… Stephen Slays the Dragon”scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2014.

Stephen, when asked by a news reporter how long he will keep on doing this he replied “until there are no more homeless children”.

What does the future hold?

Well Stephen has even thought that there would need to be a place in his home town of Airdrie called the “Happiness Hotel” so that homeless children and their families would have some place to stay while they were waiting for a home…because he says…

If I could have one wish come true… It would be to get homeless kids a house with lots of toys, storybooks and green grass to play on”. 

– Stephen McPhee 2008