Delivering Hope to “Family 13”

Delivering Hope to “Family 13”

Living and student/office area - Before
Living and student/office area – Before
Living and student/office area - After
Living and student/office area – After

With the help of 18 volunteer helpers from Pepsico Calgary, Airdrie’s George Mac Leadership team, 2 case workers from Inn from the Cold and a few more assorted Stephen’s Backpack volunteers, this whole apartment was totally redecorated in about 3 hours, while the family was out for the day, this past Saturday May 12, 2012.

Much of the furniture was donated by Mc Arthur Fine Furniture, Children’s mattresses were donated by Mattress, Mattress, groceries were donated by Airdrie Superstore, bread was donated by Cobs Bread  in Airdrie and many more items, too numerous to mention, were gathered by many more individuals and corporations in Calgary and Airdrie.

As you can imagine, the energy and joy of the day often welled up into tears of pure emotion as the Gift of Hope began to come together for this special family who just needed this helping hand.

Everything that could be given…was given with love…there were even flowers and fresh baked goodies, but even more important than the “things” is the precious gift of Hope that will make a priceless difference in this family’s life.  While we never remain behind to “see” the results of our “Delivery”…we always receive an email from the case workers to let us know what “the family” thought of the makeover.  So I would like to share a little bit of the joy of Family 13’s makeover…and what we mean by “Changing Hearts”.


“Hey Nancy,

(Dad and Children) upon seeing their new houses were completely in awe! (They) couldn’t believe that they lived there and that it was their house, their home.

His son gravitated to the laptop and his daughter just stood with her mouth open. We told the kids to check out their rooms. They both bolted up the stairs to see and were so excited to see their new bunk beds.

His son was so happy to see the CD player and the mp3. He tore through his backpack to see what other awesome goodies he would find. His daughter looooved the colours, the flowers on the wall and she kept saying ‘look dad, look dad’ as she discovered all the wonders her new room had to offer.
Both kids jumped in their beds wanting to take pictures in their new rooms.

(Dad) couldn’t stop smiling and was just so appreciative of all the love and care that went into his house. Before I left I made sure I took a family picture of them around their new dining room table.

Nancy words cannot describe how amazing this gift truly is! You’ve turned their house into a beautiful home for this incredible family.

Thank you again for all that you do for our families Nancy!”

Living room - Before
Living room – Before
Living room - After
Living room – After