Randal James Harvie McPhee

It is with great sadness that I inform you of my Jimmie. As my soul mate, best friend, lover, console, life’s companion, excellent President of his son’s charity, wonderful father, grandfather and prayer partner fights his last war with his 13 year battle with this horrible relentless disease, I ponder my thoughts.

I slowly savour every moment going through my photo albums of treasured memories to bring me strength for the next hour.

Thirty five years with this amazing man. Where does one start. Born in Glasgow 74 years ago this Scottish soldier immigrated to Canada in 1965. He was hired immediately in the communication industry and rose up the corporate ladder with new promotions until he moved out west and started his own business “Scottie Communications”. He married his love Dec 31 1988. He welcomed my mom to their home in her retirement and she lived happily with them for over 12 years. I loved Airdrie and volunteered relentlessly in every field you can imagine.

Jim and I made many mission trips with my role at Samaritans Purse where again they impacted the lives of many families and children in need Worldwide.

He sold his business when my Mom passed away and we decided to open our home to children in need. We adopted our very first placement at 11 days of age. Stephen’s Backpacks was the brilliant brain child of his little 5yr old boy who faced his own challenges of autism every day. He worked relentlessly to help his son with his dream. He showed Stephen how to Dream Outloud. His daughter Breanne, now 20, is the Director of Social Media for this wonderful charity. He is so proud of her in her second year of teaching at University with a GPA of 3.7. She has really helped their charity thrive with her knowledge grace and influence…Ten years later this charity would have reached over 45,000 children in need, helped 33 families into new housing from shelters with everything they could possibly need and over 15000 pairs of new running shoes for school. Even battling cancer this amazing man pushed to make another year successful in helping even more children.

Last year a staggering 4000 backpacks were distributed. Jim still found the strength to come and thank the volunteers. He has taught his children so much about resolve, courage, and determination. He has taught them that it is not what you have it is what you give. He has taught them humility and strength in the face of any adversity. He has taught them to love all mankind especially the more vulnerable.

Even as he laid very ill and at peace he is still reminding me to look out for others in need. He still sends me love songs over Youtube ( the Beatles…And I love Her) and I still bought him bouquets of roses; a tradition every week she has fulfilled since his cancer journey 13 years ago.

This Scottish soldier will be remembered by many in his community, in his province and in many countries for the hearts he has blessed and touched with love. The pipers warm up their pipes getting ready for their journey to pipe my Scottie home…no more battle fields of cancer to fight, no more pain.

Know this my Scottish Superman you leave a legacy of love, faith, and hope to all who knew you…

forever remembered my love. Until we meet again.