You want your students to get the best education possible to reach for their best. We know that seeing students as individuals is so important and their dreams to change the world are just as unique as they are. Our Global Citizen Program was created as a way to match curriculum with real world experiences and issues that students can take a stand on. Our program focuses on environment, cultures, community, and kindness which are all topics integrated throughout the K-12 education system of Alberta. Working with our supporting schools we see the importance for teachers to give students an opportunity to grow their heart and character as much as we want them to master their learning.

Our presentations are flexible to any grade as well as size of group from a single classroom to a school wide assembly!

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Dream Bonuses!
Dream Buttons: Our water restraint Dream Buttons are a way for students to write their dream and wear it everyday!
*Note we ask for a honorarium of $1 per button to cover the cost)*

Dream Tags: Our colourful dream tags are a fun way for students to write their dream! From this it can be posted on the class board, on the fridge at home, or on their desk! *
*Note we ask for a honorarium of $1 for 3 tags.

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