How Your Donation Helps

Thank you for interest in what we do and maybe you have taken a big step…you have decided that you want to help children and families facing homelessness and poverty.  Well just to let you know that we are right there with you and nothing is closer to our heart than that very dream.  Rest assured that we will leverage your donations to have the maximum impact in delivering Hope to these children and their families. That impact is powered by your generosity and dedication to our cause… again, thank you from the bottom of our heart!

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     At Stephen’s Backpacks we have a long list of recipient groups that have children in need.Individuals, children and families have come to these various shelters by a number of means and under different circumstances but all of them are in need of shelter, help and Hope.These wonderful agencies provide the necessities of life, families are lifted up, placed in a home and taught about how to survive and even how to thrive in their new circumstances.

Imagine having a new apartment and having just enough support to almost provide the basics and rent…that’s all.  No extra money to buy beds, no extra money to buy a birthday or Christmas gift…or running shoes for school for that matter.

When you look into the eyes of children, right here in Calgary, through no fault of their own that are homeless, you can’t look away. These children are scared, in shock and are looking to their parents for security, for normal, and little is coming…because nothing is “normal” about their situation… nor should it be, not here, not now.

This is the place where we meet children and families.  Stephen’s Backpacks uses your donations and your involvement to Deliver Hope and Change Hearts.

Through these five projects you are making a difference in a child’s life and giving them “a rainbow in their heart”.

Stephen McPhee – 2012.

We thank you for reading about these projects and ask for your help to deliver more Hope to children and their families and we encourage you to donate financially on line at our Canada Helps donate page.

Corporations or Groups may also go here to Donate.

If you would like to help us and get involved as an individual, family, corporation, team or as a children’s or adult’s small group please go to our Get Involved page.

To donate gifts-in-kind (new running shoes, toiletries, age appropriate gifts, services etc.) you can do so at our Get Involved page.

Just to let you know: Stephen’s Backpacks for Children in Need Society is a registered charity in Canada.

Charity #: 800759417RR0001

In 2011;

5.2% of your donation went into administration costs and 2.9% went to fund raising costs, the remainder went into delivering Hope to children in need and their families.  By maximizing your donations and leveraging your gifts of items and services we effectively are able to multiply your donation by 3 to 5 times depending on the project and the type of resources provided.

Without the support of volunteers and supporters (just like you!) these projects and the dream of eliminating child homelessness wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you for Delivering Hope and for making a difference in a child’s life.

Stephen’s Backpacks regularly “Delivers Hope” to the children and families in need through the following agencies:

Stephen’s Backpacks is endorsed by a number of outstanding Agencies.